Winning the Battle, Still Fighting the War

Writing is not a war, but fear and doubts are and I’m happy to say I’ve won 1 battle.  I conquered the brick wall I had found myself at so early in my novel by…writing on!  I always aim to write my very best, but so what if that little Bitch on my shoulder says I stink!  I’m just going to keep writing and worry about the rest during revision.

That’s what’s kept me from writing for so many years, fear!  Fear that I wasn’t good enough, fear that I’d run out of things to write about, fear I’d be rejected and fear I’d be published and what then???  I’ve spent all these years afraid of a craft that I’ve always loved.

The novel I’m working on has been a thought swirling around my head for years now.  Haunting me; begging to be written.  I’m going to write this novel come hell or high water!!!


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